April 19, 2019





 Purpose And Range of Application.

  •  The device is designed to work with Common Rail systems by Bosch,Delphi Denso, Siemens cummins, Piezoelectric.
  •  The device is specified to test from Four (combined with a hand pump while using a test bench) injectors simultaneously. Also test common rail pumps. It is the cheapest solution for diesel workshop.
  •  The divice allows you to quickly identify defective injector using hand injector tester.
  • it works both with electromagnetic and piezoelectric Common Rail injectors.


  • SD 904 is Combined with a hand pump enables to make an express test of Common Rail injectors on the following parameters: efficiency, leakage, quality of injection, pressure at the beginning of the injection, state of electromagnetic coil (solenoid) or piezoelectric of injector.
  • The memory of the device contains approximately 1700 test-plans for checking injectors Common Rail for all the famous manufacturers like Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, cummins and Piezoelectric.Included all Indian injector test data


  • The Properties of Test simulator.
  • This product is usually preferred by the customers who have a test benchthat can supply a 1000 RPM revolution and true measuring system. 
  • SD 904 is for testing the common rail pumps and injectors.
  • SD 904 is not a test bench. It just supplies the high pressure and the puls width which are needed for common rail tests. 
  • The measurement values are been read from the present test bench. Test simulator works with 220 V and it’s controlled by a special programme, which is loaded in the CPU that we give with test simulator together.
  • By the help of the loaded programme you can test BOSCH, DELPHI,DENSO and PIEZZO injectors. 
  • The injectors test values are all loaded in the programme. 
  • By choosing the correct injector number, the right values of test will appear on the screen

Common rail injector tester Siemens Piezo bosch delphi common Rail injector testing with SD904 tester.