Basic Features:

·       All Types Common Rail Pumps Testing

·       All Types Common Rail Injectors Testing

·       PCV & Rail Testing

·       Rail PRV Testing

·       Piezo Injector Solenoid Test

·       Denso I-Art Injector Testing

·       4-Pin CRIN 4.2 Injector Testing

·       NOP and MST Measuring

Coding Capabilities

Bosch - IMA/ISA coding

Denso - QR coding

Delphi - C2i/C3i/C4i coding

Simens/Continental - IIC coding

Injector Holders


Power Supply

415 V / 50 Hz, 3 Phases

Motor Power

7.5 kw/10 HP

Rail Pressure

0 to 2900 Bar

Supply Pressure

0 to 8 Bar

Test Oil Tank

40 L

Lubrication Oil Tank

5 L


(H x W x D)

1470x 1350x 700


Multi-functional single channel test bench for a complete calibration of Common rail Injector and Pump.

·       Computer controlled system.

·       Online Update for Injector and Pump test Data

·       Manual and Automatic testing system.

·       Test plan according to the Injector number.

·       Test plan according to the Pump number.

·       Test reports for Results and Save Reports and Print Reports.

·       Lube oil system for Heavy Duty Pumps.

·       Safety glass which provides you a large working space.

·       Clamping set which the user can install Injectors and Pump easily.

·       Automatic cooling/heating system for test oil temperature control.

Optional Features

Sensored Pumps Testing Kit (HPO, HP5.7, CAT, CP2, etc.)